Hi! I’m Hilary, a Washington, DC native with an interest in living a toxic-free lifestyle in many senses of the term.

I have always thought of myself as a pretty healthy person.  I was very lucky to have parents that encouraged balanced meals and a love of quality food.  I was a dancer throughout my childhood and college which kept me very active.  And I often bought beauty and cleaning products that were marketed as ‘natural’.  But about a couple years ago ago I started reading and researching more about what’s really in the food I was eating and the products I was using, and was horrified at how many toxic chemicals we encounter in our daily lives.  Since then, I have been on an ongoing quest to teach myself more about what healthy living really means and how to realistically achieve it.  I hope this blog will be a helpful way to compile what I learn not only for myself, but anyone else out there with the same interests.

Thanks for stopping by!

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