Recipe: Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Growing up, I loved pulling bags of frozen fruit out of the freezer and dropping handfuls into the food processor with milk to make a sweet, frozen snack.  I still love smoothies but my M.O. has changed a bit. I freeze big bags of seasonal fruit, from berries to peaches. Every couple of weeks, I also buy a few bananas, peel them, cut them in half, and freeze them in a container.  They make any smoothie creamy and substantial. I often have a stash of organic spinach in my fridge for salads and handful of the leaves adds a vegetable serving to any smoothie without overpowering the taste.  With those ingredients, I always have the option to make a quick smoothie for breakfast or a snack.  This smoothie is a special treat because I can’t get oranges or cranberries locally, but when cranberries are readily available in the produce section of the market, I like to make this tart treat.


½ frozen banana
½ cup frozen whole cranberries
½ orange, peeled and cut into chunks
½ cup oat milk

photo 1

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add more oat milk if the the smoothie needs more liquid.

photo 5

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